Thursday, 27 August 2015

And the Stars are so far from the Ground

Hey hey guys. This is the first of my two outfits from Cardiff pride (Pride Cymru) which the lovely Anna took cause they're a babe. This was the one i wore during the day to the main pride event and I think it was a good choice. Also you get to see me with my full purple hair (which has faded really weirdly now and I need to re dye).
it was such a lovely day and I wish more LGBT events were held like that, though there's a youth conference on soon which I think I'll probably go to. It's nice to have an LGBT event/space which isn't just for over 18s and involving alcohol. That being said there are quite a lot of groups in Cardiff which I probably should join, I mean I need to make some new friends soon anyway as all of my school friends (well most) are off to uni in a couple of weeks, sad times.
As I mentioned before I spent a lot of money on badges and flags and stuff, most of which I'm wearing in these photos.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Happy Birthday to Me!

18, finally! I mean it's about time I'm the last of my friends and the last of my school year.
Right now hopefully I'm partying it up in Greenman having a real good time. if I get any 3G signal I will be posting on my instagram so check that out for updates. It couldn't have been on a more ideal day, the Saturday of a festival I mean come on.
Wasn't sure what to do as a post for this but I thought I should commemorate it somehow so I just edited a photo. Which is a preview from an upcoming ootd (my second outfit for pride) and it means you guys can see my very purple hair (there is a video coming up about that too). So yeah, Happy freaking Birthday to me.
It's been a long wait but I think the year of being 18 is going to be a pretty good one, so I look forward to it.
I hope all of you lot are having a great weekend. Of course there will be a blog post and video from greenman so see you on the flipside!
Thanks for reading,

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Pride Cymru 2015 Photo Diary

Hello lovely people. Today I'm here with something different, an event photo diary.  Also including bits from the pulse afterparty. Some of the photos aren't my best ever (and the vlog definitely isn't) but as a first for this sort of thing I don't think it's too bad. And either way I had an amazing day.
I haven't got many pictures of the parade, partly because Anna and I arrived in Cardiff a bit late and also because once we actually found the parade we ended up being part of it. We were wearing out LGSM t shirts and those of LGSM marching just went "yeah come join us" and that was super surreal.
I bought so much stuff., and then lost two badges which I'm still annoyed about. Also if you're wondering why I've included a random picture of some chips it's because they're honestly the best chips I've ever tasted in my life, no lie.
Also I now have all the free pens I need for a while I think.
The after party was also amazing, though on the ride pictured above I did think I was going to die at one point in it slightly. Oops... And though I was supposed to get home and be in bed before 3 so I was nice and awake (well more or less) for work today I ended up at home at quater past 4... ooops
Just like now I planned to go to bed two hours ago, I get carried away editing. I enjoy it too much, is that sad? 

I think with my vlogs I'm learning more what not to do. And I think because this was a one day event and because I was feeling ridiculously shy yesterday I got barely any footage, so I worked with what I had. I think I know what I need for the next one though. It's all about improvement after all.
Also it's my Birthday this Saturday! I will be in Greenman but I hope to be able to have a post scheduled even if it's just like on photo with "Happy Birthday me" on it or something. I'm very excited though.
I also have two different outfits from pride coming up so that'll be coming soon. Hope you all have a great week!
Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Little Tropical Paradise

Part two of my photos from this little greenhouse (part 1 here). I couldn't bring myself just to put everything in one blog post as I just enjoyed the hour or two I spend here so much. I'm becoming a bit plant obsessed and it's so great. Though I realise now this is a lot of photos of leafy plants. Also there was a little place where the people who kept the garden kept all their stuff and it was sooo cute.


Sunday, 9 August 2015

Heaven in a Greenhouse

Life definitely gets the better of me, I have to say. And I keep trying to get round to do blog posts and I always do the photos (I have so many prepared) but somehow getting round to editing and posting is a different story. Every now and again I need a real sort out and to give myself a shake and rearrange my priorities really.
Today I have a photo set from a slightly different location. I went for a picnic the other day with some friends and as they went on the pedalos I went to explore a tiny little indoor tropical garden. I originally thought it was a butterfly house and got all excited but plants, terrapins and really fancy looking ducks are just as exciting.
It was like my own little heaven and I could've stayed there all day, but then my friends decided they wanted to do something else (which ended up as falling asleep watching Wayne's world at my house).
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