Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Photoshop Tutorial - Double Effect

As promised, I have a photoshop tutorial for you guys today! It's on how to get two of you in one photo, or more than one of the same object in one photo or whatever you want to call it. Basically how to make images like the one above.

Now I recommend (as that is how I've written the tutorial) that you take your photos with a tripod set up. So set up the overall background, take pictures with you at one side, then the other, without moving the camera. As this makes it a lot easier to edit your photos, especially if you're a beginner to this. Once you've tried doing it this way with a couple of photos it is pretty easy to see how you'd do it with other photos anyway (and if you have any questions about that then feel free to comment or email me).

The rest of the tutorial (as it is a bit long) is under a read more so if you're on the main page of my blog then click to see the rest

Saturday, 13 December 2014

You've got the magic

Hello Lovely people, how are your weekends going? I've been listening to a loot of disco recently, mainly the Neo Disco playlist on Spotify, it's a great walking to or from anywhere and just generally feel good. The title is from Baby I'm Yours by Breakbot and it's seriously a great tuune. It doesn't really go with the outfit but I don't suppose that matters.
My aim for this autumn/winter is to get to grips with lighting and I think these photos are a step in the right direction (though i definitely still need  to get used to using my polarising filters too). I saw this spot when I was out taking these outfit photo and thought how the light fit it and how autumnal it looked with all the leaves and when i wore this outfit I was like "yeah let's do this!". As usual, the photos didn't turn out quite how I'd planned but I like them anyhow.

Coat and shoes - Primark// Jumper - Topshop// Dungarees - Vintage// 
I'm actually starting to get ill which is rather annoying, hopefully I'll be able to go out and take pictures tomorrow because then I can keep up with the whole posts every 3 days thing (which I am rather impressed I'm keeping up with). At least I have Christmas to eat loads and loads of food and sleep and recover though. I finished my Christmas shopping today which I am very happy about and now I can just relax on that front. Though I still have lots I want to do over Christmas,I never seem to stop; though I can't complain because I'm happiest when I'm busy.
I never know what to burble about on blog posts so I'm just gonna stop now and hope you have a good weekend, I'll be posting again on Tuesday and it'll be a photoshop tutorial on how to make photos like the last on I have in this post (exciting stuff). It's up at 8pm GMT so if you're interested check that out!
Thanks for reading

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Slouch it Off

Hello lovely people, how's your Wednesday going? The title is my own take of Taylor Swift's Shake it Off (which I love); but slouchy because of my very comfy slouchy jumper.
These photos were actually quite spontaneous. I decided to go for a walk and take my camera, I was going to go charity shopping but halfway there I decided to go charity shopping instead. The editing was also spontaneous, I had a bit of an editing block the first time I came round to these pictures and then I looked at them again and went "why not try sticking those pictures together" and "ooh I could add me from that one in the middle" and then I had my first picture! After that is pretty easy because you have the idea of what style you're going for and just have to fit the rest of your editing around that.
I always thought this jumper was way too unflattering to wear as a dress, but when I wore it out the other day I just thought "Well fuck it" and it was the best decision ever because I love it like that. Lessons learned.
Bag c/o Banggood// Coat - Primark// Boots - Doc Martens// Jumper - Urban Outfitters//
It was a really strange day when I took these photos though, it was one of those really quiet and eerie  winter/autumn Sunday afternoons. I don't know if anyone else ever experiences these, but there was barely anyone out and everything just seemed a little strange. The quiet is always nice for taking pictures though because you don't get people gawking at you. And the wintery/autumness is great because there's nice orange leaves everywhere and while the light lasts is beautifully golden.
I always ramble about such random stuff when I post stuff, I usually have an idea of what I want to sy when I take my photos and then it disappears, so I just say whatever comes to my brain when I schedule my posts and it's all a bit weird.
Aaanyways enough of the even more rambling I'm off now, next post should be up on Saturday at 8pm (GMT) so stay tuned for that. Hope you enjoyed this post!

Sunday, 7 December 2014

It's Only Just Begun

These photos were actually taken a couple of weeks ago, you can tell because I actually had my coat off and wasn't freezing. Saying that the whether is up and down a bit, some days it's t shirt weather and other days it's three layers of fluff (well for me anyway because I am a lover of all things fluffy).
I wasn't too pleased with the pictures from this post, I have to admit, there was an annoying stream of light (which is why most of the photos are landscape) and people kept trying to watch me; which is very disconcerting. But I think I managed quite well with saving them on photoshop, my editing skills are definitely on the up.
You will be seeing a lot more of this coat in looks to come though, it is amaaazing, super fluffy and super warm (and it only cost me £22.50). And the top which you can wear over pretty much anything. And the harness; though I had a lot of difficulty trying to get it on at first.
Coat and Boots - Primark// Harness Twlight Siren// Lace top - Urban Outfitters//
I've actually finally gotten to putting a post schedule together which is exciting stuff. It's every 3 days at 8pm GMT and I'm hoping I'll be able to keep up with that (at the moment I have photos for the next 12 days lined up). I'm also hoping to do some other stuff with my blog, not just outfit posts. I'm going to do a few photoshop tutorials, which I mentioned in my last post, and some more of my general photography. Might also do some DIY if I get round to any, depends what happens.
It's scary to think it's only 3 weeks until the end of 2014, this year has been pretty great to me and I've come a long way since January; it's probably been the happiest year of my life and though it's sad it's nearly over I can't wait to see what 2015 brings.
Enough of the random soppiness though, I'm off to edit some more photos. Hope you enjoyed this post, the next one should be along on Wednesday at 8pm GMT so stay tuned
Thanks for reading!

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